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- Meet Chrissy Harp -

Queen Bee

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Hi SWEET Friends.

I’m Chrissy and I’m so thrilled you are here!

It goes without saying that I LOVE to bake, so it would be silly to reiterate that to you. But what else do I love??? When I am not baking, I am soaking up my family. I am happily sharing my life with my husband, Chris. If you’re thinking “…oh, how cute! Chris & Chrissy!” you’re right there with the majority of folks who meet us for the first time. Chris is the VP of Network Solutions at a technology consulting firm – where he is also a Partner…so he’s my “tech guy”. He’s also quite handy, skilled in farmhouse woodwork, AND charmingly handsome. In addition to my best half, I have two children:


14 year old daughter, Paisley – she is wise beyond her years, loves animals and enjoys competing in rodeos (barrel racing and pole bending) and 8 year old son, Deegan – he has a heart as deep as the ocean, hates homework, and can usually make anyone laugh. Our family also has a Golden Retriever: Dexter. I don’t think there is ONE person who has met Dexter that hasn’t fallen in love with him. He is THE best dog. I would like to say our family also has a cat – but really, I am the one who wanted a cat so nobody really claims him. Nevertheless, Walnut the Cat lives with us! And yes, if my husband would allow me, I would be the crazy cat lady. For now, I guess I’ll just stick to the crazy part!

Now you know my family….my core! If I am not with my family, you can bet I am enjoying the company of good friends. That goes hand-in-hand with good food AND good drinks! Time spent with friends is usually overflowing with laughter and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

I also love to travel – so, I’m usually conjugating up ideas in my head on how to execute the next trip! I love the ocean but really just enjoy traveling anywhere – especially new places that are just waiting for me to make memories there! I LOVE finding cute coffee shops and trying something local – no chains!! The furthest land and biggest cultural difference I have experienced: Turkey. My favorite place on Earth (thus far in my travels): Hawaii – most specifically, North Shore of Oahu. Bucket list travels: France (for the champagne, of course! J ), Greece – hello Santorini!, Tahiti – cocktails on the beach, 13 Colonies – I love America and I love history!

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Generally speaking, I am known for my quick wit. Baking-wise, I am known for my apple crisp or Dutch Apple Pie. At our wedding, we used apples as part of our décor. The day after the wedding I looked around at the mounds of apples I had and knew I could not let them go to waste. My mission: come up with an unforgettable apple crisp recipe that would set me apart and perhaps be my legacy. For as long as I can remember, baking has been a passion of mine. Oddly enough, it did not stem from watching my mother or grandmother bake as I grew up, but I have always enjoyed bringing ingredients together to create a sweet treat. When I perfected the apple crisp – I felt accomplished – I had brought together all of the ingredients and created my OWN version without following a recipe! As family and friends would request the apple dish – along with many other sweet treats – I knew that baking was to become my legacy rather than just my favorite past time.

I don’t boast about creating the most picturesque sweets. There is a saying that we eat with our eyes first. That is true, however, flavor and quality create more of memory than sight. And there’s also that saying that the quickest way to the heart is through the tummy – BINGO!!!

You’re still here? It’s over. Go home. Go! [Ferris Bueller’s Day Off]

If you just haven’t had enough…. Here are a few “grab bag” fun facts:

  1. I LOVE spicy food – but it has to be a “peppery” type of spice…not horseradish or wasabi.

  2. I could listen to live music all day long.

  3. I was born, raised, and lived in the same home from 0-19 – and even now, only live about 2 miles from my childhood home. These Sutter roots run deep!

  4. My favorite memory with my family is the first time we took the kids to Disneyland…Paisley was 10 and Deegan was 3 1/2. Paisley wasn’t too old be too cool for the experience and Deegan was the perfect age to believe in all of the magic!

  5. I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!!!!!! Although, I do pride myself in being investigative and intuitive – so, good luck pulling one over on me! (My husband got THE BEST one over on me with a surprise trip to Nashville for my 35th with our best friends)

  6. Dirty Dancing is my all-time favorite movie. I have seen it thousands of times and it NEVER gets old.


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